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ACF Laminating

Electrical conductive adhesive bonds can be made between flexible and rigid circuit boards, glass panel displays and flex foils. In the process the adhesive will be heated and cooled under pressure by means of a thermode (hot bar). Conductive adhesive can be obtained in the form of foil, flex or paste. This adhesive contains small conductive particles or spheres, which are separated by an isolating matrix of adhesive material.

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We work with you to develop customized solutions which correspond to your demands precisely. As experts in our field, we develop applications which make your project a success.

A strong team of well-trained product and process engineers are available and dedicated to support you in solving your business challenges. With having a Demo and Application Development Center in The Netherlands, we can act together with you in application development, process improvements and systems maintenance.

Service and Application engineers, highly skilled and with many years of application knowledge, are ready to serve you!  

At C-tech Systems we can help you with small scale trails or pilot production to demonstrate and validate product functionality. We also offer contract manufacturing for low amounts of production.  

For all our products we offer free of charge for our customers Application Development support, up to a maximum of four hours. In depth studies require extra efforts and for those we only charge you with a very cost competitive pricing. 

Feel free to contact us for any of your soldering, bonding or staking applications! 

ACF is by far the best option for making connections to glass and flexible displays.

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