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For Heat-Seal Bonding, Reflow soldering, ACF Laminating and Heat-Staking applications.

The Desktop Series is a product range for Heat-Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating process applications and Reflow Soldering. All kind of LCD, Flex foil and PCB connections can be made using these systems. C-Tech Systems has the most intelligent system designs, very rigid base constructions with exchangeable soldering/bonding heads which minimizes your production down time when switching over to another head. But more revolutionary are the exchangeable product movement modules! You don’t need to buy a complete new desktop, only a product movement module which will be a considerable cost benefit for you. They make it possible for you to up-grade your C-Slide to a C-Prime or C-Turn in minutes. For Heat-Seal Bonding, Reflow soldering, ACF Laminating and Heat-Staking applications Desktop C-Slide C-Slide handles the product in a pneumatic slide for easy access and preparation of the application. c-techsystems.com Call us now! +31 088 782 3000


  • Most rigid frame construction
  • Smartest Hot Bar exchange design
  • Exchangeable product handling and process modules
  • User-friendly touchscreen, easy programmable
  • Pulsed heat temperature controller for time, temperature and force
  • Multiple user logins and levels



  • Automatic force control
  • Soldering/Bonding Head Modules in different force ranges for optimal process adjustment
  • Interposer Module for soldering and bonding processes
  • Product Alignment for fine pitch applications
  • Quality control modules, displacement measurement
  • Camera module
  • Flux module



  • High performance processing
  • Maximum flexibility for upgrades and new products
  • Set up is easy and takes seconds
  • Process quality control is guaranteed by pulsed heat closed loop temperature control
  • Possibility for factory integration trough ModBus or OPC-UA communication
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